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20 Couple Therapy Activities, Exercises, and Game Questions. FAQs About Couples Therapy

20 Couple Therapy Activities, Exercises, and Game Questions. FAQs About Couples Therapy

Looking at other couples around you, their relationships might seem perfect. 

In reality, every relationship has their personal struggles and their not-so-great days. 

Figuring out what is not working seems like a pretty difficult task. So, how do we strengthen our relationship with our partner and enjoy the process along the way? Keep reading to explore:

  • 20 couple therapy activities, exercise and game questions
  • FAQs about couples therapy 
  • And much more! 

20 Couple Therapy Activities, Exercises, and Game Questions. 

In reality, there is no “one size fits all” solution that can help every couple through their problems. And that’s what makes us all so different!  

Find what you think will work best for you and your partner from the huge variety of options provided. 

These can include things such as swapping favorite songs, dramas or movies. It can also include performing spiritual activities together:

Couple Therapy Activities and Exercises 

20 Couple Therapy Activities, Exercises, and Game Questions. FAQs About Couples Therapy

1. Swap Your Playlists 

Letting your partner go through and listen to your playlist can be very intimidating. But sharing your playlist helps your partner understand you and your preferences. 

Your partner will also understand you better when you share your thoughts about the song. You can also share your emotions and memories attached with the song. 

The best part? You might find out things about your partner that you may not know. 
“Strengthen your relationship with Couple Therapy.”

2. Watch your Favorite Dramas and/or Movies Together

Each partner should take turns to choose their favorite drama or movie to watch together. The key here is to watch them with an open mind. 

Like you share song playlists, this activity will also give you a lot of insight into your partner’s life. It can also help you understand how they think.

You might also begin to understand who is their favorite character and why. They might also recall the memories attached with that show/movie. 

Sharing your favorite dramas and/or movies can also prompt you to ask more questions. 

The more questions you ask, the more invested you’ll seem to your partner! This will help deepen your connection with them. 

3. Find Out Each Other’s Love Language

Every person has a different way of giving, receiving and understanding love. 

Dr. Gary Chapman says that different love languages can influence people’s preferences. This influences the way someone gives or receives different acts of love.

You and your partner can take a simple quiz to find. This will help you find out what your love types are and learn what is more meaningful for you and your partner. 

Imagine your partner’s love language is Acts of Service. Your partner will prefer help with household chores over words of appreciation. 

This will help make your and your partner’s efforts more meaningful and well-received. 

4. Note or Pin it Down!

Some people believe that writing your goals helps make them more achievable. You can also make a visual representation of your goals.

You and your partner can note down your collective goals and progress made on a piece of paper. You can also make a vision board, and decorate it as you wish. 

The written or visual goals and progress serve as reminders for couples. It reminds them about the progress they have made and continue to achieve. 

5. Ask “Ice Breaking” Questions 

You can use icebreakers with a new group of people or strangers. These questions always help us get to know the other person better.

You think you know everything when it comes to our partner. But you might end up finding out things that will surprise you. 

If asking basic questions isn’t your speed then you can always try to ask deeper questions. 

6. Asking Under-the-Surface Level Questions

Asking deep-seated questions can make many couples feel awkward .

At times, these topics might even be sensitive. But asking these deeper questions will show a genuine interest in your partner. This shows your care and concern for your special someone. 

Scientists at Harvard conducted a study about asking questions. Results showed that asking questions makes you more likable to the other person. 

7. “Never Go to Bed Angry”

This is an age old saying that actually has some scientific support. A study has found that going to bed upset after conflicts can make your partners feel bad the next morning. 

It will help if you try your best to work it out and forgive each other before going to bed. 

8. Create your own “Rituals”

Create a small activity or “ritual” that is meaningful. It should also be an activity both partners can do together. 

For example, having a date every weekend. Even scheduling couples dance classes can be a ritual for many couples. 

It can be easy to forget engaging in simple activities when both partners have a busy schedule. But both partners who put in the effort to make that activity happen can make their moment special. 

9. Put Your Phone Away! 

Take out a few minutes each day to give your partner your undivided attention. You can do this by turning your phone off and staying away from any distractions. 

Take this time to check in on the other person and their feelings. You can also use this time to listen and appreciate each other. This works best if partners get to speak uninterrupted.  

Also, take this time to talk about things that you are grateful for or spend the extra time cuddling as well. 

Cuddling can help release feel-good hormones in your brain. These hormones can help you attach more positive emotions (e.g., love and trust) with your partner. 

Cuddles are also an amazing way to help your body relax. 

10. Perform Spiritual Activities Together 

Spiritual acts don’t need to involve religion. They can be very helpful if you and your partner believe in spiritual healing. These acts are usually helpful for couples. 

You could try doing meditation together. You can also perform a deep-breathing exercise that makes you more aware of your own bodies. 

A study researched how spiritual activities can affect a married couple’s happiness. Couples who did spiritual activities together were much happier with their married lives. 

Performing these activities together can help deepen your relationship with yourselves. And they can also strengthen the bond with each other! 

Couple Therapy Game Questions

It could be your first month or tenth year in a relationship. But fun questions are a wonderful way to get to know your partner:

  1. What do you find yourself thinking about the most on a daily basis?
  2. How did you know that I was “the one?”
  3. If you had to make a list of questions to ask me, what would be your first question?
  4. Which celebrities would you trade your lives with, and why?
  5. If you had three wishes in life, what would they be?

Questions are also a wonderful way to reflect on your and your partner’s journey through the years: 

  1. What is your best memory of our time together?
  2. Which date was your favorite, and why?
  3. When have you felt the most vulnerable?
  4. If you could change one thing about our relationship, what would it be?
  5. What is the most important thing that your partner should know about you?


All relationships have their hurdles. You can work on your relationship by finding activities or exercises that work for you. This can include asking questions or engaging in activities together.

You can also look into couples counseling or therapy. The idea of it might be a bit awkward or overwhelming. But, a professional trained in dealing with relationship problems can help a lot.

FAQs About Couples Therapy

What is Couples Therapy?

Professionals help you and your partner with relationship concerns during therapy. 

These professionals train and get licenses to work with relationship issues. For example, communication issues, infidelity, substance abuse and dealing with infertility.

Who should consider Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy can provide a new and refreshing outlook on all relationships. 

Everyone can learn to improve their communication skills, or plan finances together.

Some reasons for people seeking couples therapy include:

Financial concerns
Intimacy concerns
Problems with creating or deepening an emotional connection
Dealing with past trauma 
Trying to maintain and work on a relationship with a busy lifestyle 
Helping couples through a transitional period e.g., parenthood
Living with blended families
Gain support when grieving the loss of a loved one

What is the difference between Couples Therapy and Couples Counseling?

Couples counseling is useful for all couples. Even couples who might not have significant problems can find it useful.

This counseling is short term. It also helps build and strengthen the skills that are existing. This helps strengthen the relationship between a couple.

Couples Therapy also helps to build and strengthen relationships. But they usually deal with more severe problems. This can include couples with traumatic pasts or substance overdose.

Couples Therapy is often longer. Therapy sessions can also aim to focus on the past and present to build a better future for the couple.

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