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Top 5 Books to Read About Depression and Anxiety.

In a world full of countless books and resources, it can be difficult to narrow down which books might actually be useful. You don’t have to worry about that, let’s discuss a few top finds and why I think they’d work for you: 

  • Top 5 Books to Read About Depression and Anxiety.
  • FAQs About Depression and Anxiety.
  • And more!

Top 5 Books to Read About Depression and Anxiety.

1. To Learn About Depression: This Is Depression – by Diane McIntosh 

Books to Read About Depression and Anxiety

I really enjoyed going through this book for a couple of reasons. This book is a great start for people who want to understand what depression is. 

People and books can sometimes get carried away and explain depression in a really complicated manner. This book though? It explains scientific concepts in simple and easily understandable language which is not an easy thing to do.

Learning about depression and its causes can help you make better decisions about what you would like to do afterward. You get to think about which treatments (if any) you want to consider for yourself. 

The best part? The book also has many resources and tools to help you or your loved one on their journey to feel better. 

2. To Learn About and Reduce Anxiety: Be Calm by Jill Weber PhD

With 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this book is a wonderful introduction to anxiety and how to reduce it. 

According to the author and publishers, this book is perfect for people on the run. You can read it and practice techniques wherever you are and whenever you need. It is concise and to the point. 

The author and psychologist Dr. Jill Weber wrote this book from her experience as a clinical psychologist. So these techniques can help you deal with your anxiety in the moment. 

Don’t worry if you feel like they are not working the first time around. The effectiveness of any technique will improve with time and practice. 

That is probably one of the few things to note about this book: it requires you, the reader, to put in the effort and keep practicing. 

3. To Help Treat Depression and Anxiety: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple by Seth J. Gillihan PhD

A staggering 4.6 out of 5 stars and over five thousand reviews! 

Everywhere I went, this book popped up as a “must-have!” for depression and anxiety. And it isn’t surprising to see why.

This book contains strategies from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It is a specific kind of psychotherapy where therapists usually help you understand and link your thoughts, feelings/emotions, and behaviors together. 

You later learn to identify unhelpful thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and gradually replace them with helpful ones. 

The author Dr. Gillihan lists many behavioral techniques that are often used in CBT such as mindfulness, goal setting, avoiding procrastination, and many more. 

The best part? It has diagrams and activities mentioned in it that will help you understand and practice these techniques on your own!

4. To Know That You’re Not Alone: Maybe You Should Talk To Someone by Lori Gottlieb 

Source: Amazon

Dealing with depression, anxiety, or any other mental illness can make us feel isolated. We feel like we are the odd ones out for experiencing these thoughts and sensations.

But fear no more! In this book, all will be revealed. Literally! This book has an amazing 4.6 out of 5 stars and more than forty-two thousand ratings! 

The author is a therapist who shares her experience of being both a therapist and a patient in this book. You’ll get the chance to read about her experience as a therapist, about her therapist, and her patients in a wonderfully witty manner!

The best thing? A therapist is going to therapy. This can help us feel like we are not alone. 

5. To Help with Grief: Grief Works by Julia Samuel 

A lot of people suffer from depression and/or anxiety whenever they experience any form of loss. In reality, they’re simply grieving. Even though everyone experiences loss at one point or another, grief and death are still misunderstood. 

This book is a beautiful recommendation for you or a loved one who might be struggling with loss. 

The author writes about case studies over the years from her experience as a grief psychotherapist. What makes these cases unique? According to the author, these cases highlight people who greatly loved, and lost but still survived. 

These cases showcase that grief is a process you can get through. You might feel stuck in the moment or even hopeless. But with the right people and tools, you can get through it.

Key Takeaway

Depression and anxiety can be problematic and uncomfortable. And sometimes, reaching out for help might feel like it is too much.

These books target different parts of each problem. So learn about depression and anxiety, or learn how to treat it. You can even read something to show that you’re not alone! 

These books are a wonderful starting point that can help you understand where you’ll need to go from here! 

FAQs About Depression and Anxiety.

Will Reading Books Cure My Depression and/or Anxiety?

The answer to that would be different for everyone and that’s okay! 
Some people do feel like they have improved after reading books on their own. Others would prefer to have someone to talk to and might consider therapy with self-help books. This journey is yours to make. You can decide how you want to complete it. 

How do I Know These Books are Any Good?

If you have thought about why I chose these books, well there are a few reasons:

All of them are written by Ph.D. doctors and clinical psychologists with decades of experience under their belts. 
The books are easy to understand and simple to follow.
The books have a lot of case examples to help you.

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