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Benefits of Couples Therapy

15 Benefits of Couples Therapy. Benefits of Pre-Marital Help-Seeking.

Living with your partner can be wonderful. But you can also hit a rough patch as life goes by. And that’s okay

You might begin to wonder: Why is this happening? Should we go for therapy? How does it help? Keep reading to find:

  • 15 Benefits of Couples Therapy
  • Benefits of Pre-Marital Help-Seeking
  • And more!

15 Benefits of Couples Therapy

Benefits of Couples Therapy

1. Difficulties in Intimacy

Many studies have happened throughout the years. All of them show that couples therapy can help couples who face difficulties during intimacy and/or with satisfaction. 

A recent study shows that therapy can help with sexual difficulties. Couples’ cognitive behavioral therapy improved newly married couples’ sexual satisfaction and excitability. 

2. Infidelity 

Infidelity is a very difficult situation for couples to be in. It can be very difficult to think about where to go and what to do after such incidents. 

The good news is that couples therapy helps reduce distress in couples while they’re in therapy. These reductions in distress were present even 6 months after their therapy ended!

3. Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)

Intimate Partner Violence can be a very distressing situation for people who experience it. Studies quote that about 50% of women can suffer physical injury from IPV. Its experience can lead to severe adverse side effects on human well-being. 

Many studies have found the following. Couples therapy is effective for certain intimate partner violence situations. It can help prevent IPV from happening in the first place. 

However, it is important to understand that each relationship is different. So, it is important to see a mental health professional who can understand your relationship dynamic and help you accordingly. 

4. Depression

A team of scientists analyzed many studies on couples therapy. These studies focused on the impact of therapy on depression and bipolar disorder. The research spanned from 2010 to 2019. 

Many couples therapy types have effectively helped couples and/or their partners. The results show that these therapies address depressive symptoms. 

They also saw improvements in relationship dynamics, which is usually affected by depression. 

5. Anxiety

Couples therapy is also effective for couples suffering from anxiety! 

A recent study shows that cognitive behavioral couples therapy was helpful. The study focused on couples who had been married for 1-12 years. Scientists also found an improvement in the couples’ communication skills.  

6. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a really difficult condition to live with. It can be tough for both people in the relationship. But there is good news.

A specially developed couples therapy can help with PTSD. If one of the partners suffers from PTSD, they can get help with this kind of therapy. 

People in relationships with PTSD discovered that their symptoms decreased. This was due to the cognitive-behavioral conjoint therapy for PTSD. 

7. Alcohol Problems 

Over the past 30 years, couples therapy has been effective. A special kind of couples therapy focuses on alcohol-related issues. 

Studies show that it can help reduce drinking. It can help improve relationships and reduce intimate partner violence. 

8. Partners who have Physical Health Concerns

Cognitive Behavioral Couples Therapy (CBCT) shows its effectiveness with couples. Studies show that CBCT targets stress caused by physical health issues like diabetes, chronic pain, or cancer. 

Specifically, it helps reduce the stress caused by these health concerns. 

9. Financial Concerns 

Couples therapy that especially focuses on financial concerns is really helpful! 

Couples are taught how to manage their finances and save according to their needs. This can help reduce the stress in relationships caused by finances. 

10. Relationship Issues

Maybe you’re not sure what is hurting your relationship. Whatever the reason, couples therapy can help you identify those issues. It can also teach you to build a stronger relationship. 

11. Familial Relationships 

It can be difficult to navigate a relationship. Understanding and working with family members can add to that challenge. 

Couples therapy can help you understand conflicts with family members. It also helps you understand conflicts with your partner. You can also learn how to navigate relationships with other family members. 

12. Values and Roles in a Relationship

Benefits of Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can assist you in exploring your values and beliefs. You can also better understand your partner’s values and beliefs. You can also get the chance to explore what role you take on in the relationship. 

Therapy is a safe place where you can address and understand any differences that are present. 

13. Communication Skills

Sometimes you may find it difficult to communicate with your partner. Or you might feel like your partner does not understand you. 

Couples therapy can identify issues that hinder communication with your partner. Therapy can help work through these issues together. 

14. Resolve Conflicts 

Couples therapy has been shown to help couples resolve conflicts in a better way. Identifying and working through them can be helpful. This can happen in a safe and understanding environment. 

15. Strengthen Bonding 

Improving communication skills brings you closer to your partner. Resolving conflicts also strengthens your bond. Also, addressing distressing issues helps build a stronger relationship. 

This can help you feel more secure in your relationship. It also helps you feel positively towards your partner. 

Benefits of Pre-Marital Help-Seeking

Getting pre-marital professional help before tying the knot has some amazing benefits! 

Benefits of Couples Therapy

You can get a head start in:

  • Improving communication skills with your partner
  • Understanding how to resolve conflicts
  • Strengthening your emotional connection with your partner
  • Identify any issues that might arise in the future
  • Build a strong foundation
  • Improve your trust and intimacy
  • Understand and manage your finances 
  • Explore and set healthy boundaries
  • Develop and understand a shared vision of your future
  • And lastly, build a support network for each other

Key Takeaway

Couples therapy can help identify your issues, explore concerns, and work on ways to strengthen your bond. 

The benefits are present at any time. This could be before and after you’re together and/or married. 

Consider talking to a mental health professional to see if couples therapy is right for you and your partner. 

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