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How to Deal with Abortion Grief?

How to Deal with Abortion Grief? Things to know About Post-Abortion Grief. 

Grief is a natural reaction to the loss of a loved one, especially your beloved child. But at the same time, this can be very painful. So what can you do to help yourself through these tough times? You can read to understand: 

  • How to Deal with Abortion Grief
  • Things to know About Post-Abortion Grief

How to Deal with Abortion Grief?

Abortion grief can be a painful process for many. Sometimes, it is best to talk to a medical and mental health professional about your feelings. It is also important to surround yourself with your loved ones. 

1. Talk to a Professional

How to Deal with Abortion Grief?

Grief can be very complicated. While one person might be sad and tearful, the other person could be very angry and irritable. This is why many people can feel better by talking to a mental health professional who has training in dealing with loss. 

Pro Tip: Avoid Crisis Pregnancy Centers! 
Many places will have crisis pregnancy centers that are actually disguised as something else. They are usually anti-abortion groups that can make you feel worse about your current situation. 

You will find that mental health professionals can help you understand all the emotions that you are feeling. They will also teach you how to deal with these feelings on your own. Some of the symptoms can include:

Studies show us that actively working with a mental health professional can help you feel better about the counseling process. It will also help you feel better. 

Many studies show that therapy or counseling is helpful in the long run as well. In other words, you will feel therapy’s effects long after talking to a mental health professional about your concerns. 

So it is very important to share your thoughts about the process. Let your mental health professional know how you feel about the decisions and how you think they can be better. 

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2. Surround Yourself with Your Loved Ones. 

How to Deal with Abortion Grief?

Social support is always helpful. It can be one of the keys to a better and faster recovery. I was going through different studies related to post abortion grief and was surprised at what I found! 

Studies show that your partner’s support can make the healing process so much quicker. 

In fact, social support can actually help you learn from these tough experiences. You become stronger and better able to face difficult situations in the future.  This is something known as Post-traumatic Growth

Things to know about Post-Abortion Grief

1. Grief is a normal feeling! 

Losing anything is going to make you feel sad, angry, or even irritated. This is especially valid when we talk about losing loved ones and people. 

What I want you to know is that “post-abortion syndrome” does not exist in the medical and mental health community. 

What you feel is valid. If you think that the feelings are too much for you to handle, then reach out to a professional. Some of the feelings can include: 

  • Low mood
  • Feelings of regret 
  • Not wanting to talk to other people
  • Sudden changes in mood 
  • Constantly thinking about events that lead to abortion
  • Anxiety 
  • Frustration and irritability 
  • Anger towards others 
  • Feelings of relief 
  • Numbness or not feeling anything at all about the abortion

2. Post-abortion grief does not cause Future Health Problems

You might find a lot of articles talking about how abortion and its grief can cause problems in the future. 

A lot of these articles say that it can cause mental health problems in the future. Post-abortion grief can also cause different types of cancer as well. 

In reality, these claims are simply myths. Decades of research show that scientists could not find a link between health issues and abortion, as well as post-abortion grief. 

3. Post Abortion Grief is Different for Everyone

You should know that grief comes in many different shapes and sizes. That is why it is important to remember that what you are feeling is valid. 

Take a look at the symptom list above and see how many different things you can experience in grief: 

  • You can feel relieved about the abortion because you know that ending it was the best decision for you. 
  • You can also feel relieved and sad about the abortion and that’s okay. 
  • You could feel guilty about everything that happened. You might be thinking about what you could have done better to prevent abortion from happening. Other people might also make you feel guilty for choosing abortion. 

These are only a few examples but show that grief is unique for everyone. You can feel one, or all of these things and that is okay! Talk to a professional about your feelings to help you through these tough times. 

Why do some people feel post-abortion grief more than others?

How to Deal with Abortion Grief?

There are many reasons why some people feel more grief than others. This can include:

1. A lack of social support 

We talked about the importance of having your loved ones with you and how it can help your recovery. They can help lower your distress and even lessen the chances of developing complicated grief. 

People who are facing difficulties with their partners can feel like they are not being supported. So it is natural to feel overwhelmed when you do not have the support to help buffer these feelings. 

2. Social Stigma and Your Beliefs Around Abortion

Many societies do not support the idea of abortion and are openly against it. This is why a lot of people can make you feel guilty about your decision. 

At the same time, you might live in a society where abortion is considered bad. And although you might have chosen abortion for whatever reason, you start feeling guilty about it as well. 

Societal and personal beliefs can make you feel worse about your decision. This can add to your emotions and probably worsen them. 

Key Takeaway

Post-abortion grief is a very complicated experience. It can be very intense for many people as well. This is why talking to a mental health professional and having social support can help you get through these tough times. 

It is also important to remember that what you are feeling is not an illness. Grief is a very normal reaction to loss and everyone’s experience will be different.

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