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10 Best apps for Couples Therapy. Questions to Help Reconnect with your Partner

10 Best apps for Couples Therapy. Questions to Help Reconnect with your Partner

Every relationship has its ups and downs. And with a busy lifestyle, it is difficult to find time to go to the therapist’s office and get counseling. 

Maybe you and your partner might find counseling awkward, and that’s okay! We’re always on our phone anyway so, why not make the best of it? 

Technology’s advancement has resulted in apps that can help you and your partner enhance your connection with one another. Keep reading to find:

  • 10 Best apps for Couples Therapy 
  • Why should we ask questions?
  • Questions to help you Reconnect with your Partner

10 Best apps for Couples Therapy

1. Lasting: Marriage Counseling

This application has been featured on American news channels and shows such as Good Morning, America and NBC! 

It is useful for couples experiencing troubles. These troubles can include conflict, communication and trust and its content is supported by a lot of research!  

The app creates a safe space for you, where you can unload and organize your thoughts. You can also understand and reflect on these thoughts and then share them with your partner. 

You only need to spend a few minutes a day to build and strengthen your emotional connection with your partner. 

Fun Fact: Foundation Series Sessions are sessions covering the basis of relationships. And they  are completely free!

“Strengthen your relationship with Couple Therapy.”

2. Agapé: Feel Close When Apart

Agapé is a wonderful tool for people who are always on the go! All you need is one minute to answer one fun and exciting question a day about your partner. 

You will be able to see each other’s response once both of you have responded. 

A survey taken by the creators of the app shows that a single question a day has a huge and positive effect on your relationship. 97% of its users reported a positive effect on their relationships. 

Did You Know? You can use this app with other relationships such as your parents and siblings. 

3. Deeper Talks: Relationships

Deeper Talks is a unique relationship app because it covers a wide variety of relationship issues. 

The app features questions, challenges and advice on various topics. These topics include deepening emotional connections, intimacy, future planning and even financial and lifestyle management. 

It also helps you work through difficult conversations by turning them into a game. Set a challenge and see your relationship strengthen and grow through Deeper Talks!

4. Gottman Card Decks 

This app is perfect for couples who are starting their journey of working on communication. 

This app uses a researched approach to relationships to help couples communicate with each other in a better way. The app contains questions as well as useful recommendations for what to do and say.

The app has been created by the Gottman Institute. John and Julie Gottman are world-renowned researchers who have provided over 50 years of research on relationships, marital stability and the predictors of divorce.

5. Love Nudge 

Love Nudge is very useful when you and your partner know each other’s love language. It is based on the concept of 5 different love languages by Dr. Gary Chapman

The app gives you a quiz to determine your love language. Once connected with your partner, it helps you express your love for your partner in a way that compliments their love language. 

6. ReGain 

Need help from a certified professional? ReGain has got your back with licensed and trained therapists present online. 

Fill out a small survey to match with a licensed therapist based on your needs, and have a session from the comfort of your own home! 

This app is a convenient, easy, and affordable way to get help on relationship, marriage and divorce issues such as communication issues, conflict, or finances. 

7. Couply

Couply is another wonderful option for long distance couples! This app has unique quizzes to understand each other’s attachment styles, personality and  how this affects you and your partner. 

It also suggests how to help improve your relationship with personalized things for you. These include custom date ideas, a private album, milestones, and even daily questions to ask each other. 

8. Desire – Couples Game

Want to find a way to have fun and boost intimacy with your partner? Desire helps push your intimacy in new and creative ways.

The app has multiple fun dares to choose from. Send them to your partner, accept them and earn points. You can even write your own dares. 

The app also allows you to chat privately and video call each other even when both of you are far apart. 

9. Paired: Couples & Relationship

Paired is another app that helps strengthen your relationship on a daily basis. The app has over 8 million downloads. It offers couples questions, games, quizzes and many exercises that can help improve your bond with your partner. 

10. iPassion

Want to work on intimacy concerns in a fun way? Then look no further than iPassion! 

Answer questions and guess your partner’s answers to see how many you get right. For every question you get right, you’ll score points. The highest points can even win prizes. 

It is an app dedicated to helping you explore and understand each other’s intimacy preferences in a fun way. 

Why should we ask questions?

Scientists from Harvard University believe that asking questions helps show your partner that you are interested in them. It has also shown that it increases your partner’s liking towards you. 

Above all, these questions will help you understand your partner better. It can be hard to open up to your partner. This is why questions are an amazing way to open up for both people in the relationship.

Questions to Help you Reconnect with your Partner

  • What do you find enjoyable in your daily life?
  • What three traits of mine attracted you to me?
  • What is the first picture that springs to mind when you think of me?
  • What is your biggest fear?
  • What do you think you need the most from our relationship?
  • What is one aspect of our relationship that used to worry you but that you’ve learnt to accept?
  • What do you love about me to this day?

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